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Monday, February 23, 2015

10 year old delivers kids on the Ranch

            The goat story,  
One day my mom and dad had to go to Kayenta Arizona and my brother went to ST George so I was home alone for just a little while. I got off the school bus and went inside to eat a snack. While I was eating my snack I looked out the window and saw a baby goat! 

   So I ran as fast as I could to the momma goat. After about 25 minutes she had another one and remember I was home alone. Then I had to clean the after birth off his mouth with my fingers. Then... like 4 minutes after when I was cleaning off his mouth so he could breath! (I was cleaning off the baby instead of the momma because she was to busy with the first one.) She had another goat baby! So again I had to wipe  the after birth off his mouth. I was thinking about telling my neighbors but they would not come outside so I went inside to call my mom on my phone but it was dead. Right when I came inside my mom and dad pulled in the driveway. I told them they missed it but now we have three new baby goats on the farm.                  

   The end written by Swade Taylor  the ten year old